We are so thrilled for Ellen, she absolutely lives for her ballet and now her dream can continue at the Elmhurst Ballet School. Well done Ellen keep leaping for the stars (the way you jump, little flea, I know the stars are not too far out of reach!) 






Some lovely news! Congratulations to Nell and Ella who both received Distinction for their vocational examinations.  These beautiful dancers worked so hard throughout lockdown and we finally managed to film their exams at the end of November, I am delighted that their hard work paid off and they were rewarded with the excellent results. Well done girls! 







Congratulations to Nell who competed in Weymouth Dance Festival and came 1st in her ballet solo, 2nd in her lyrical solo and 3rd in the modern and character solo sections. Like many of our students Nell worked hard through lockdown and again when we returned to the studios, it's lovely to see that her hard work has been rewarded. Thank you to Miss Sarah for the lovely choreography for the modern and lyrical solos. WELL DONE NELL! XX





Dear everyone

I hope you are well!
I am excited to say that we will be returning to the studios on Monday 7 September with an updated timetable. Some students have moved classes, you have all been informed about this. All changes to the timetable have been necessary so that we can keep the children and staff as safe as possible at the studios, start times have been staggered to ease entry and exit to the studios and flow on the stairwells. Unfortunately,  some classes have had to change days altogether, this is due to bubbles and the number of people the children are permitted to encounter.  I have tried hard to keep the disruption to a minimum, you will already have been informed via email if your class day has changed.
Please make sure you arrive at the studios no more than 5 mins before your class is due to start, the reception will not be open,  allow the class before yours to exit, once the reception is clear you will be instructed to enter, this will be monitored by a member of staff. Parents should be ready to collect their child 5 mins before the end time of their class. Students who have more than one class must leave the studios in between classes unless the classes follow (15 mins gap) you will be permitted to wait in the downstairs studio on socially distanced chairs.
Please email me if you would like me to order any uniform items for you, I’m sure some feet have grown since March!
I have emailed the invoices for the Summer Studio Term, on it you will find a £3.00 per child “Covid” charge, this will go towards some of the equipment we have purchased in order to keep everyone as safe as we can. The equipment includes:
SAO MACHINE – this beast of a machine generates Tersano – ozonated water.
£1000.00 + VAT  new filter every 3000 litre £300.00 + VAT (we are sharing this with Exeter Gym Club) 
FOGGER MACHINE – sprays Tersano mist over all surfaces (will be used daily to ensure all surfaces are safe)
£745.00 + VAT
I-CLEAN MINI – a hand-held version of the SAO machine used for spraying over any toilet accidents, coughing fits, sickness 
£249.00 + VAT
ZOONO fluid – all persons entering the studios must use this it is active on surfaces for up to 30 days and will stay active on hands for 24 hours (i.e. no need to keep sanitizing) so even if a surface is touched it is safe
£120.00 +VAT per 5 litres!
ZOONO dispensers 
I would like to thank everyone for the lovely messages of support I have received, and for your understanding over the class changes especially where the days and times have had to change, I’m sure you are privately cursing me but I am grateful for your tolerant and sympathetic replies! 
It has been so hard not seeing the children face to face, I have been teaching for 35 years and this has been the longest time away from the thing I love. All the staff cannot wait to get back to the studios and see the children dancing their hearts out again. 
All the best

14 August 2020




Congratulations to Ellen who has sucssfully auditioned for the Elmhurst Young Dancer Associate Scheme in association with Birmigham Royal Ballet. We are so pleased for you Ellen!




2 July 2020



SUMMER ZOOM TERM 27 July – 30 August. Venue, your lounge, study, kitchen, bedroom!
Break 31 August – 6 September
SUMMER STUDIO TERM 7 September  - 11 October
CHRISTMAS TERM 12 October – 20 December


Dear parents


We are incredibly sad and frustrated that we are not able to open the studios yet, even though the government have changed their policy so that OOSS may open their doors I am not going to rush and open for everyone at this time but I am happy for private lessons and shared private lessons to operate at the studios. 
Up until now we have offered zoom lesson in small groups and having experienced this I am confident that we can offer good quality teaching, a lovely connection with the children and value for money. Zoom classes are not the same as having the students in the studios, but we do have fun, the children are being inspired, they are learning and improving their technique and keeping their love of dance alive. We are going to provide zoom lessons for all students, in all genres, from  Monday 27 July with a new zoom timetable. I decided to wait until the schools break up so that we can start a bit earlier, that way you won’t have your child dancing in the lounge whilst you try to watch the daily Covid-19 report!
I know that some children are very shy and just don’t want to see themselves or have others see them on the screen, we have done several classes where the children have joined in with the video off so we don’t see them. Obviously, we won’t be able to give them specific corrections, but they can still have fun joining in and learning new things. It doesn’t matter to us where the children dance, the lounge, bedroom, kitchen etc. are all fine (never have the words “move towards your fridge” meant more!)  

We will have a 5 week zoom term, then one week off when the children return to school in September. Depending on demand the timings might need to be altered slightly, I will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. I am hopeful that we will be able to return to the studios by 7 September using the new post Covid-19  timetable that was emailed on 1 June and can be found on our website. 

Obviously, these plans may have to change as new information is coming in daily, but this will give you an idea of what we are planning now. Until 27 July we will continue with the small groups of zoom lessons that are currently active and we are happy to add more where necessary. 

I really hope that you are able to join us, as you know we are a family run business and feel very passionately about giving all we can to the children. Like all businesses though, we can only continue to operate if we have children to teach.  I have attached the fees and zoom timetable  that will go live on 27 July. This information can also be found on our website  All zoom links will be emailed nearer the time.



All the best










Some more great news...Congratulations to Ellen and Nell who have both been awarded a place on the Ballet Boost Associates programme. Fantastic news girls! 







Some more good news for Ellie, she has been offered a place on the Mid Associate team with Tap Attack. Really thrilled for you Ellie, well done!








Whoop whoop! Some happy news, Nell has been offered a place on the Royal Ballet School Mid Associate programme. Fantastic Nell!





Dear Everyone,  

Following the announcements by the Prime Minister and Minister for Education this afternoon, we have taken the very sad decision to suspend all classes with immediate effect. 

Of course it is everybody's wish that we will be able to announce re-opening as soon as we can. 

Any fees for classes for Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be set against our schedule when we resume. 

On the plus side, we are consulting with authorities about what will be permitted, but we hope to be able to offer: 
• scheduled one to one private lessons for singing, dance solos observing required social distance
• Ian is available for KS3, 4 and 5 English tutoring as a former head of department and GCSE examiner, on a one-to-one basis with social distance or via Skype

We are clearly in a situation we've never experienced before; we'll do our best to make the best of what we have and what we can do. 

We wish you all good health- we are going to miss you over the next little while. 

Take care 

Ian and Tanya 






Congratulations to all our lovely dancers who competed in the Exeter Dance Festival over half-term. The competition was bigger than ever and we are very proud of all your performances. Extra whoops for the following who were placed in the top three....Ellen & Nell 2nd modern duet, senior modern group 3rd, Ellen 1st song & dance solo, Katie 2nd song & dance solo, Katie 1st modern solo, tap group 2nd, Nell 1st ballet solo, Ellen & Nell 2nd classical duet, Nell 3rd classical impro, Katie & Sam 2nd song & dance duet, Abigail 2nd song & dance,Katie & Jake 2nd tap duet. Whoops and cheers also to Nell, Katie and Sam who competed in the championships with Katie coming 5th in the junior modern champs! Nell won the Gilbert memorial shield for the highest mark in junior ballet solo and Katie won the Betty Pattison trophy for highest mark in junior modern solo, Katie and Jake were awarded the Comedy Cup for their tap duet. Congratulations to Abigail who came 6th in the Performance award - wow! Thank you to all the mums who helped getting the groups ready and senior girls Chloe and Katie for helping with the groups. Huge thanks also to Miss Jo and Miss Sarah for all their lovely choreography and help to make you the best you can be. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️






A great weekend at Indian Queens, Abigail & Sonny 2nd song & dance duet, Cerys 2nd song & dance solo, 2nd jazz modern solo, 2nd character solo. Katie 1st ballet solo, 1st modern solo, 1st tap solo, 1st song & dance solo, 2nd lyrical solo. Sonny 1st ballet solo, 1st song & dance solo, 3rd modern solo 2nd tap solo. Well done it's lovely to see that your hard work is giving you great results. Thanks again to all the teachers Miss Sarah, Miss Jo and Will. Special mention and thanks to your mums and dads who had all those quick changes in a day. Only a few photos due to the quick changes!






Congratulations to all who competed in Bideford festival, great results too!
Abigail 2nd modern solo.
Abigail & Sonny 3rd song & dance duet.
Cerys 3rd song & dance solo.
Ellen 1st modern solo, 3rd song & dance solo.
Ellen & Nell 1st classical duet, 2nd modern duet.
Katie 3rd tap solo, 2nd tap improvisation, 2nd classical improvisation, 2nd modern improvisation.
Katie & Sam 2nd song & dance duet
Nell 2nd ballet solo, 3rd lyrical solo, 1st character solo, 1st classical improvisation, 1st place modern improvisation.
Sam 1st ballet solo, 1st modern solo,
Sonny 3rd song & dance solo

Sam won the highest novice cup with a score of 87!
Nell was awarded the Graham Westcott trophy, for Artistry and Performance, by the adjudicator.

Congratulations also to Ellie who competed in Dartington novice festival and came 1st in her ballet solo and 1st in her tap solo.
Amazing effort from all concerned. Thank you to all your lovely teachers, Miss Jo , Miss Sarah and Will for their care in preparing your dances.






Good luck to Leah who is starting at Emil Dale PA and Annoushka who is starting at Bird College, we wish you both all the best for the future and know that you will continue to give 100% in all you do. Take care girls and lots of love to you both.





Congratulations on your great performances for Plymouth festival everyone. Extra whoops for Abigail 1st mime, Ella 1st ballet solo, Ellen 1st song & dance solo, Ellen & Nell 2nd classical duet, Katie 2nd song & dance solo, Katie & Sam 1st song & dance duet, Nell 1st character solo, Nell 2nd lyrical solo, Sam 3rd ballet solo, Sam 3rd modern solo, Sonny 3rd tap solo. Well done.











"Boogie Wonderland"

....two amazing shows WHOOP WHOOP! Thank you so much to all who helped to make it possible, we really couldn't do it without the following people - chaperones, quick change ladies, front of house, floor layers, runners, lighting and sound and of course the lovely teachers; we are so lucky to have such a caring talented staff who choreograph beautiful dances for you all. The chaperones mentioned how well behaved everyone was back stage which warmed my heart. WELL DONE TO YOU ALL.
ew text box >>









Thrilled for Nell who has been accepted on the Royal Ballet School Junior Associate course


Congratulations to the following who competed in Taunton festival......Abigail 1st song and dance, Katie 1st choreography, 1st song & dance, 1st tap impro, 1st classical impro, 2nd lyrical solo and 3rd modern solo, Katie and sam 3rd song & dance duet, Sam 2nd tap solo, Tyler and Sonny 3rd modern duet. Extra whoops for Sam who was also presented with the adjudicators award for the most promising senior! Fantastic everyone! Thank you to Miss Jo and Miss Sarah for their lovely choreography.




Congratulations to Katie who came 3rd in her song & dance at Bugle festival and was awarded the "Joy of Dance" trophy, fantastic!x 









Congratulations to Ellen who came 3rd in her modern and song & dance solos and Cerys who came 3rd in her song & dance solo and 2nd in character solo in the TSWEF! Well done girls.



EXETER DANCE FESTIVAL                              Congratulations to Ellen for winning the Most Promising junior girl award and to Alfred and Sam who won the Comedy cup. Fantastic!     25/02/2019







What a lovely Exeter festival week! I thoroughly enjoyed watching you all dance. Congratulations to...Ella & Katie B and Jake and Katie B 2nd tap duet, Nell 3rd Character solo, Bea 2nd modern solo, Sam 3rd ballet solo, Sam 1st tap solo,Katie M 1st modern solo, Amelia-Bea-Ellen-Nell 3rd cabaret quartet, Alfred & Sam 3rd song & dance duet, Abigail 3rd song and dance solo, Ella 2nd ballet solo, Katie B & Sam 3rd song & dance duet. Many of you gained 4th place which means you are nearly there, learn from the experience and keep working hard. Huge thanks to Miss Jo and Miss Sarah for all their lovely choreography. Onto the next one! ??? - - -  - FE   - FEB







Good luck to Mia Davies who is dancing with Metta theatre and Northcott Theatre productions in their production of "In the Willows" ?Enjoy every moment! - 19/02/2019




Congratulations Katie!

Former pupil Sarah Dickinson who is starring in "The Little Mermaid" tour in the South West.

Congratulations to Bryony Buckingham for winning the Young Dancer Award 2015 at the Exeter Dance Festival judged by Layton Williams (Billy Elliot) 

Congratulations to Billy Davies who won the Robin Winbow trophy for the most promising junior boy at Exeter Dance Festival 2015.

Can you spot Will Trafford dancing at MOVE IT 2015 with Performers college? Hint, he is the small one dressed all in black at the back....well, he is a first year!!

Here are some of our pupils who were successful in auditioning for "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK" at the Exeter Corn Exchange Christmas 2014.

Here is former pupil Sarah Dickinson dancing in this powerful piece with Performers college at MOVE IT  2014

News Flash!

 Bryony Buckingham & Will Trafford 2nd in the All England Finals 2013- Well done to both of you!


Congratulations to Bryony Buckimgham & Scarlett Dobinson, winners of the Exeter Dance Festival Performance award presented by Adam Cooper! Mr Cooper id currentlt starring in "Singing in the Rain" in London's West End.

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